Software and Hardware Manufacturer

Our recognised products combine to offer growers bespoke solutions for automating the control and monitoring of all crucial processes. The systems we supply incorporate the latest industry high technologies. Installation plans are modular and decentralised in conception, which means highly flexible solutions for growers making the transition. At the heart of each system is a GSC computer, which features an ergonomic man-machine interface, customizable software, Internet connectivity, and other plus points (for example, a touch screen). Trouble-free, fibre-optic cable connects the GSC to outlying in/out modules (AFPs). These receive the measurement signals from Greenspec designed sensors and provide the output signals to handle all types of controlled equipment.

Greenspec provides complete, end-to-end solutions. We know growers are not experts in the art of the horticultural automation, but our experience guarantees that those who choose our products will quickly become masters of their domain. Our integrated solutions will make the transition to automated process control a smooth one. Please contact us for more detailed information. Always at your service, we are keen to hear about and help with new ideas and projects. We have a worldwide network of local dealers who install our products and, along with our HelpDesk, provide ongoing advice and customer support.

  • One computer handles all automated processes
  • A single software package combines fertigation and climate control (but growers only ‘see’ their own configured set-up)
  • Being highly customizable, software is tailored to each installation; mimic displays show the growing environment(s) in real time
  • Navigation is ergonomic, so a short learning period means growers are soon able to implement the latest energy saving control strategies
  • Any future updates to software are provided free of charge
  • Product technology is state-of-the-art & relevant to our industry
  • Trouble-free interconnections use fibre-optic cables (POF or HCS)
  • Ports on remote I/O modules are unassigned, so are available for irrigation or climate control functions, as required
  • Most legacy sensors can be connected
  • Outputs are available for all types of controlled equipment
  • Environmental considerations include the use of lead free soldering technology for manufacturing
  • Connection is possible to the internet or other networks such as Ethernet or WiFi LANS
  • Beyond the standard features, other functions include: data storage, graphics, surveillance and alarm annunciation, gas chromatography
  • Complete control is possible from a remote PC with a tool such as Team Viewer®