Portada sembradora Koppert Profi
Koppert sowing machines (Occasion)
23rd February 2017
Portada cosechadora de rábanos para exterior
Radish harvester (Occasion)
23rd February 2017

Assimilation lamps and armatures

Portada reflectores y lámparas de asimilación

    In general, artificial lighting is widely used in countries with low levels of solar radiation, where there is not always enough light for good vegetative growth.

    Light is a limiting factor in horticultural and ornamental plant production, so the use of artificial lights in greenhouses is common when seeking to increase the photosynthesis rate in the winter months or when it is intended to increase the length of the day to facilitate or inhibit flower development according to production needs.

    Today you can no longer imagine modern horticulture without assimilation lamps and armatures. Not only for producers of seedlings and ornamental plants, but also vegetable producers take advantage of the possibilities of artificially lengthening the daily light period. Lighting uniformity and installation efficiency are very important factors for optimal performance.

    The 400 watt and 600 watt assimilation lamps and armatures are checked and if necessary with a new capacitor. The accessories used in the control panels, such as the wiring and fixing profile, can be sold.

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    Brand: Agro-Technology





    • 400 W
    • 600 W

    • Inspected
    • New condenser (if necessary)

    Extra accessories can be sold, like wiring and fastening profiles
    • Proportion of radiation higher than that of any other artificial light
    • Adjusted balance to manipulate the different phases of crop development
    • More efficient in the use of energy
    • More resistant, smaller size and longer useful life

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