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27th March 2017
Portada Máquina clasificadora de rosas Olimex
Rosematic (Used)
27th March 2017

Aweta TRS 6.6 automatic rose wrapper

Portada máquina Aweta TRS para rosas

    The Aweta TRS rose machine has been specially developed to classify roses based on their length and quality. It does this work for all varieties, both those with small and large flowers. The TRS is an integrated rose processing machine consisting of a sorting station and a number of grouping stations (for bouquets). The classification process produces attractive and even bouquets that will satisfy the requirements of all markets for their quality and beauty, leaving the greenhouse a perfect final product. The machine is equipped with a centralized computer that controls all the sorting and grouping processes. All moving parts are optimally protected and secured.

    Customers want fresh, full-bodied, bacteria-free flowers, so this machine has been designed and developed with a new camera system for roses. The camera is capable of taking photos from above and from 3 sides of the flower. The system is equipped with LED lighting to provide clear and sharp images that allow to classify the flower both by dimension and by maturity. The Aweta TRS rose machine has a handling capacity of up to 9,500 roses per hour and is easily programmed according to your particular needs, and can be configured for short stems between 300 and 1,150 millimeters. The most remarkable thing about the TRS is that it is an exceptionally noiseless machine. The grower can, if necessary, simply and quickly switch to another type of rose in the middle of the grading process.

    Aweta TRS 6.6 automatic rose wrapper

    The goal is to provide consistent quality while keeping costs low

    With the Aweta TRS machine for roses, a turnkey solution is offered that minimizes the number of necessary operators, without skimping on quality in the classification or in the detection of defects. Now we have this model of the TRS on occasion, do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you about their prices and characteristics.

    Brand: Aweta
    Model: TRS 6.6


    • 6 stations
    • Chop saw
    • Mature grading camera
    • 6x weighted knife
    • 2 stations automatic height adjustment

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