Bercomex Torpedo
22nd March 2017
Processing line for spring onions
21st March 2017

Bunching radish


    Bunching radish is an intensive and physical heavy work. Surely nowadays, when graduation of the cultivation ground by the radish grower is a hot item, will it be more difficult to hire enough and qualitative good radish “bunchers”. With this background Koppert Machines developed a complete new and very high-graded machine; the full-automatic radish bunching machine. With this radish bunching machine will it be possible to bunch radish fully automatic. The radish bunches have the same quality as radish bunched by hand. By an equilibrated system is the machine easy to handle. The packing of the radish can be done directly behind the machine, through which many time and labour will be saved.

    • Suitable for the radish grower who directs himself to the future
    • It is possible to bunch 2000 bunches radish per hour effective
    • The results of this bunching machine are up till now very acceptable
    • The production costs of full-automatic bunched radish fall with more than 50% with regard to the conventional method of bunching radish
    • The bunching machine is deliverable is 9-, 12- and 14-row design
    • The harvest distance between the rows is 11 cm
    • The bunching machine will bunch radish for you of a super quality