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23rd May 2017
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5th April 2017


Portada construcción y diseño de invernaderos


    We have the skills, experience and drive needed to achieve optimum results whatever the project. This gives you, the customer, the assurance that your assignment will be handled efficiently to realize a high-quality end product.

    A common feature of this wide range of activities is the desire to add another client to the long list of satisfied customers. More and more customers who are assured of high quality and reliability. Greenhouses available in different types and all possible sizes.

    We designs and builds complete nurseries and garden centers, including all the equipment and installations. The sales range also includes business accommodations, dwellings and breeding benches. Efficient business accommodation, tailored to you requirements. Garden centers from small and simple to large and exclusive. All the installations required for horticulture, such as energy screens, climate control, heating and water techniques.

    • Venlo greenhouses
    • Wide-span greenhouses
    • Max-air greenhouses
    • Plastic covered greenhouses


    A heating installation is an essential element of a modern nursery, with operational safety and dependability being paramount. We supply complete installations, both new and second-hand. We have an extensive range of equipment and the necessary expertise at our disposal. If desired, a heating installation can be designed and installed that comprises both second-hand and new components. The components we supply have been tested extensively. If necessary, we will modify components before reusing them.


    Thermal screen systems and shading systems are being increasingly used to facilitate the control of the climate and energy consumption inside the greenhouse. If you allow us to provide the screening system as part of the entire project, it will be integrated optimally into your project.


    In order to make your horticultural project complete, we also supply all technical systems for water engineering and electrical engineering, as well as machines and equipment. Whether it be the connection of ventilation motors or the installation of a computer system or automated substrate system, we will design it as precisely as possible. As a result, we are able to guarantee years of problem-free use. Our sales representatives or dealers will be happy to explain the numerous possibilities, including:

    • Horticultural computer systems
    • Substrate units and systems
    • Water tanks
    • Assimilation lighting and cyclic lighting
    • Horticultural machines
    • Electrical tube rail trolleys
    • Aggregates


    We have a solution for any internal logistics issue in the pot plant growing sector. We have built a wide range of showpiece projects in recent years. Like benching and container systems that can be expanded with automated delivery systems. We offer our clients proven, innovative technologies. We are able to help you with your internal logistics issues in this sector.