Sensores de inducción Greenspec
Greenspec induction sensors
21st March 2017
Ellegaard modelo H111
Second-hand Ellegaard H111 Semi-automatic
23rd February 2017

Greenspec GSC

    Greenspec GSC

    Brand: Greenspec

    Model: GSC


    The Greenspec computer provides a complete solution for all growers' needs in terms of greenhouse automation. Its decentralized architecture offers a real introduction to the latest high technologies in use in the industry.

    The GSC can be connected to Ethernet/Internet, and can also be equipped with a touch screen. The system benefits from enormous flexibility offering almost limitless working possibilities.

    • One computer for all your automation needs
    • An ergonomically designed machine for all control programming tasks
    • Fertigation and climate control programming are integrated into one software package
    • Centralized or decentralized systems
    • Software updates come free of charge
    • The installer fine tunes the software in accordance with the exact needs of the customer
    • The software shows only what has been installed and activated in the greenhouse
    • Program with the newest sustainable energy system are used for saving energy with temperature, screen, CO2 etc. integration set points
    • Trouble-free connections between AFP in/out boards because they are made using fibre-optic, POF or HCS technology
    • All inputs and outputs are freely available and can be used for irrigation or climate control, as needed
    • Most industrial sensors can be connected
    • The technology is based on current industrial know-how, and conforms to CE standards
    • Regarding environmental and health issues, Greenspec product manufacturing uses lead free solder
    • Our computers can be connected to the internet or to other local networks. Over and above the standard features, tasks such as data storage, graphics, surveillance, and gas chromatograph handling are also possible
    • The GSC computer can be equipped with a touch screen, and can be connected to Ethernet, WIFI or the Internet for alarm management, or for control from a PC via, for example, “Team Viewer”