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21st March 2017
Greenspec GSC
21st March 2017

Greenspec induction sensors

Sensores de inducción Greenspec
    Greenspec induction sensors

    Brand: Greenspec

    Model: OLD633


    While almost all existing (legacy) sensors give good results when connected to Greenspec computers, there exists a superior, future-oriented solution. We believe the sensors we supply will give you the best overall performance.

    Total control over all aspects of your production

    The horticulture of the future will revolve around substantial growth and improvements in water saving, reduced use of fertilizers, control of temperature and gas emissions. These factors depend on measurements being reliable and accurate. Connecting the latest generation of our sensors to your horticultural computer maximises its potential in these areas.

    Induction sensors: high precision and wear-free

    Induction sensors are currently the best choice. No moving parts means they are virtually wear-free. Our recommended sensors combine high-tech performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

    • Induction sensors that won't wear
    • High precision
    • Good value for money
    • Control over all your growth factors