Portada materiales y soportes
Materials and supports for cut flowers
5th April 2017
Portada línea de procesado de flores FloraFit deBercomex
Bouquet line or Florafit automatic flower mix
5th April 2017

Javo machine for orchids

Portada mesa Javo para orquídeas

    A patented machine special for orchids cultivation. Thanks to a unique return system for the substrate, no change of bark structure occurs and the growth results are optimal.

    Plants with a loose root system (especially Phalaenopsis) are quickly and easily potted. The amount and supply of substrate can be adjusted as desired. The substrate supply on the slewing ring is precisely dosed with a suitable supply tank/belt. The speed of the impactless pot slewing ring is continuously electronically adjustable up to ± 2,000 pots per hour. The turning direction of the pot slewing ring can be turned to the left or right (ex works). With a diameter of 2,300 mm, the slewing ring offers space for 4 or 5 people. An outer rail and pot guides on the inside ensure stable pot positioning. As standard, the Javo orchid table has a pot stacker and a pneumatic sloping outlet.

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    Javo machine for orchids

    Brand: Koppert



    • Especially suitable for potting plants with a loose root system
    • Compact structure with an integrated return system
    • Supplied with 2 electric motors

    Optionally available

    • Pot supply conveyor belt

    • Pot conveyor belt in combination with potting machine

      • Exit Blowers on the slope

      • Graduated plates for other pot sizes

        Technical details for the Javo table for orchids

        Suitable for...

        Round pots

        9- 15 cm

        Up to approx. 2,000 pots per hour (depending on machine, pot and soil configuration)

        5.050 mm
        Width and Height

        2.250 mm x 1.300 mm
        Hopper capacity

        1.000 litres

        745 kg

        400 V 50 Hz 3~ +N +PE / 220 V 60 Hz 3~ +PE

        2,8 kW
        Power supply

        16 A, CEE five poles plug

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