Bercomex elastic
24th March 2017
Ramo de flores en línea de procesado Bercomex
Processing lines
24th March 2017

Machines for bast fibre processing



    Bast fibres are the family of plants consisting of a wooden core with bast around it, in which fibre supports the plants. The best-known bast fibre plants are flax, hemp, kenaf, ramie and nettle.

    How does it work?

    After the harvesting of the plant, one let stay the plant on the field for the retting process. This retting process is a chemical process, which solves the pectin’s sticking the fibres together with the bast and the wooden core. Once the plant is sufficiently retted it will be baled and stored.

    The bast fibres are the most suitable and stable natural fibres for automotive industries, insulation materials and for making composites (composite carbon – natural fibre and plastics).