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23rd February 2017
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23rd February 2017

Olimex rose-sorting machine

    The Olimex Rosematic rose-sorting machine is used for the classification of rose stems and their subsequent elaboration into automatically processed bouquets. Accelerates and streamlines flower processing in uniform packages or bouquets. Flower grouping lines are made up of various components that are required for the processing of your flowers, such as a saw or cutting unit, leaf extraction units, tying machines, and a gathering belt.

    Roses can be classified by length, stem thickness, color, variety, quality, vigor and, therefore, with any requirement of each market. After sorting, the roses are grouped into the required quantity and then cut to the same length. After the bouquets leave the machine, the roses can be wrapped in plastic wrap with a packing machine. The Olimex Rosematic rose-sorting machine can be supplied with a semi-automatic or fully automatic rose wrapping machine.

    You can see the operation of all the used machines in the Netherlands. The price of the machine includes: cleaned, reconditioned, technical control, replacement of worn parts. This offer is valid as long as the material is available. Do not hesitate to contact us to request more information.


    Brand: Olimex

    Model: Rosematic



    1Labor cost savings

    Constant quality without depending on your staff. To have the roses visually inspected by your employees is no longer necessary. The cameras provide for individual assessment from bud to stem, from the exterior to the core. The rose is cut to the right length automatically and taken to the right bunching station. In addition, the Rosematic can process as many as 24 different types of selections.

    2State-of-the art

    The Rosematic is equipped with as many as four cameras, of which two are color-based and two infra-red. The color cameras measure the stem-height, length, thickness, and the bud size. In addition, the infra-red cameras scan the coloring of the bud. In this manner, the quality can be measured optimally. Do you an even more through quality-measurement of your roses? Then you could choose the UV light module. It allows you to detect pathologies such as botrytis.


    • 4 - 5 - and 6 stations
    • We place them with guarantee and they will be put in use by our staff members
    • Stations belonging to the Aweta and Olimex Rose bunch machines like Rosematic are also separately available, including installation and adaptation to your machine

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