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24th March 2017
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24th March 2017

Plug sorter



    The PlugSorter is a fully automatic high speed gradingline for plugs. By using the most up-to-date technology, this line is able to divide plants into various size graduations. The PlugSorter is available in various capacities and can sort more than 10,000 plants per hour. Depending on the plant material, the PlugSorter can be operated by one or two operators.

    How does it work?
    Plug sorter1

    Trays with plants are manually placed at an infeed system.

    Plug sorter2

    The infeed system transports the trays into the infeed robot.

    Plug sorter3

    When the trays are in the right position, plugs will be extracted from below through the drainage hole.

    Plug sorter4

    Plantgrippers will pick up the plants from the side. By doing this, the plants will not be damaged, because only the plugs are touched.

    Plug sorter5

    The machine places the plants in carriers; these carriers will protect and transport the plants during the grading process.

    Plug sorter6

    The carriers with plants pass through a camera unit, which will grade the plants based on your demands (height, diameter, colour, etc.). As a result of the graduation, the plants will now be divided into the right classification and go into the sorting unit.

    Plug sorter7

    The sorting unit splits the plants, depending on the classification and takes them onto one of the various bufferbelts. At the end of the bufferbelts, a 2nd pick & place unit will take the plants out of the carriers and place them back into the right tray again.

    Plug sorter8

    Each bufferbelt is linked to a certain tray, so that the end result is 100% filled tray with a uniform end product.