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24th March 2017
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23rd March 2017

Sleeve machine for flowers


    Brand: Koppert


    This sleeve machine is developed from the practice point to sleeve flowers on an economic and quick payback period. The machine can be placed directly behind the flower mixing lines.

    How does it work?

    The flower bunches will be transported sideways and put into a sleeve which is opened before. An option is to fix the sleeve on the flower bunch with traditional elastic. It is also possible to put a sticker for the price or a barcode on the sleeve. The machine can "work" with every sleeve preferred by the client. A specification for perforation is required.

    In the sleeve storage will it be possible to store 3000 sleeves which hang under the machine with a special trap. The empty traps come out automatically on the backside of the machine where these traps can be loaded with sleeves. By means of two servo-arms the sleeved flowers will be taking out of the machine and put on a so called bunch belt.

    • By a display is it possible to adjust the length of the sleeve as even in the display can be read the speed and the number of sleeves used per minute
    • Can be connected to a computer on location which works with a windows program
    • Very compact and unique in its sizes (length 1,50 m, width 0,60 m and in feed height 0,90 m)
    • Packs fully automatic till 32 bunches per minute
    • The bunch length is adjustable from 400 till 800 mm
    • The length of the sleeve is adjustable from 28 till 44 mm
    • The frame of the machine is made of stainless steel