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24th March 2017
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24th March 2017

Tranplanter Midi



    Brand: TTA

    Model: Midi


    A flexible transplanter for many varieties of young plants. For years, the MIDI has been known as TTA’s most popular transplanter. With field experience of over 170 MIDI transplanters, TTA has incorporated all possible demands in the area of transplanting, into one unique transplanter. The MIDI transplanter is available in capacities ranging from 3.000 up to 40.000 plants per hour. It can be utilized for transplanting into trays, packs, shuttle trays and even loose pots. A unique option for the MIDI is a Vision selection system for transplanting qualified plants only. The MIDI transplanter incorporates all the versatility TTA has become known for.

    TTA Plant Gripper design

    The TTA plant gripper is designed to minimize plant and plug damage, which also offers an optimum planting result. The design of the TTA gripper is such that every plant in each row is extracted. This eliminates any issues with overgrown plugs that may be picked up when you extract every other plug. To pick up the plants, a row of plant grippers descends to the top of the plug tray. By means of a side shift movement, the gripper moves under the foliage, where upon it pushes down into the plug. A pusher pin system, from below, assists during extraction of the plants from the tray. The theory behind the pusher pin system is that if you have under developed roots, or overly developed roots, the pusher pins will ensure that the plugs are extracted from the cell and are firmly seated in the grippers. Each plant gripper is driven by an individual servo motor. By use of this technique, the MIDI can transplant into different patterns. The optional “split-frame” provides the possibility to picking up a single row of plants from the plug tray and plant out into two rows. This enables the planting of 3 to 6 plants in a pot simultaneously.

    Transplanting into trays, packs or shuttle trays with pots

    TTA offers complete transplanting lines, inclusive pack, tray or pot de-stackers, conveyor belts, tray fillers, drill units, transplanters, handle applicators, watering tunnels and buffer belts.

    Transplanting into loose pots

    For this mode the MIDI can be attached with any straight model of potting machine, assuming that the length of the potting machine is sufficient. Samples of suitable potting machines are Stolze 3030, Javo Standard, Javo Super or Heto H15. The capacity by one plant per pot is 6,000 pots per hour. If more than two plants are simultaneously planted in a pot, the number of plant grippers can be increase to 24 plant grippers! For circular potting machines such as the Mayer, the “split” system is ideal for planting into the pots.

    Unique Vision Plus Selection System for MIDI

    The source trays for transplanting are not always 100% filled with plants, which requires a manual fixing. The Vision plus System makes it possible to check the source trays, by a digital camera unit from the top, for the presence of enough green leaves. The plant grippers will only pick up the qualifying plants and leaves the cells without plants in the tray! In order to work with this option, the plants should not be too large and not cover the cells of the adjacent plants.