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Agro-Technology partners with FiberCell, the definitive and complete partner for paper-based growing systems. FiberCell is at the forefront of the development of FiberCell paperpots for various crops in different climatic conditions around the world.

FiberCell's business concept is to develop, produce, supply, install and follow up long-term and flexibly customised complete solutions or standard solutions for the cultivation of new forests and other crops on its FiberCell paper block system.

FiberCell products offer optimal solutions to all types of customers in the propagation business. They know that there is not a unilateral solution that works for every customer in the world. They bring their knowledge and experience to make sure you get exactly the right configuration to optimise your business.

FiberCell's machine-based cultivation systems and products are durable and of the highest quality. In addition, service programmes are offered to constantly keep the machine lines in good condition. FiberCell stands for reliability, smooth operation and minimal downtime, which offers our customers high efficiency in their operations. 


Develop, produce, deliver, install and follow up customized complete or standard solutions.


To be at the forefront of the development of durable propagation systems that meet the highest quality standards.


We contribute to making the earth greener and to minimizing the carbon footprint, with state of the art customized growing systems ensuring high quality crops.


Combining our knowledge of biological propagation with our engineering expertise, we offer tailor-made crop solutions.

The after Sales department is a FiberCell's core component for excellence through faster and better service. It supports you with original spare parts and other spare parts to our facilities, maintenance service and repairs, technical support, trainings for operators and technicians and upgrade and rebuild consultation

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Portada Rellenadora automática FiberCell

Filling Machine


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Portada máquina de llenado automática multilinea FiberCell

Filling Machine


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Portada máquinas semiautomáticas FiberCell

Filling Machine


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Portada tacos de papel FiberCell



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