Specialists in internal transport automation

At Agro-Technology we work with several brands within internal transport, such as Martin Stolze, a leading Dutch company in the manufacture of conveyor belts for internal transport since 1991. Over the years they have developed and improved obtaining, as a result, internal conveyor belts for different uses, from small (small products) to large (for heavy products or long distances).

Martin Stolze internal conveyor belts can also be used in workstations where different types of products have to be placed and removed at the same time. For example, in the so-called packaging lines, where the empty packages and the products are supplied through the belt and, in addition, the full package, the dirt and debris are removed through another conveyor belt. For this, we can supply the complete equipment, with work tables, scales, lighting and similars.

Our Martin Stolze conveyor belts models

  • The Easy Max is the most reliable series of the entire range with more than 10,000 units sold and hundreds of thousands of work hours, becoming an essential element in the world of internal transport.
  • With the Power Conveyor you can cover lengths from 1 to 12 meters, with a variable width of between 10 and 100 cm. A conveyor belt that adapts to meet your specific needs, while preserving the technique and characteristics of the Easy Max series.
  • If your needs require a greater capacity and distance, with the Conveyor Max you can cover distances that exceed 8 meters, with a special design made up of several belts called "main belts".
  • For all your stockpiling problems, lifting and feeding belts, special width conveyor belts, uneven surfaces and other situations that require tailored solutions, we have developed the Super Conveyor series.
  • Finally, with our self-produced roller conveyors, we can fully manufacture them to your specific requirements. An ultralight, cheap and maintenance-free option.

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