Portada cinta transportadora Martin Stolze Easy Max
Martin Stolze Easy Max transport belt
20th February 2017
Super Conveyor™ transport belt
20th February 2017

Conveyor Max™ transport belt

    In addition to the well-known Easy Max™ series, we have also developed the Conveyor Max™ transport belt series, the logical answer to the growing market demand for custom solutions.

    For long distances

    To cover distances that exceed 8 meters you can rely on the special design of the Conveyor Max™ transport belt series, a system composed of several belts called main belts. In this series, the parts such as the motor, bearings and belt profile have been adapted to meet the requirements of the transport between great distances and ensure a conveyor belt of stable operation and of great reliability. These conveyors are manufactured entirely according to the specific situation of your company, and if you wish, we can install it for you.


    The parts that bear the highest load on the Conveyor Max™ conveyor belt, are always made of stainless steel, thus guaranteeing the highest degree of reliability and a longer service life.

    Brand: Martin Stolze BV
    Model: Conveyor Max™


    1Length (m)
    20 - 250
    2Width (mm)
    210 / 250 / 300 / 400 / 450
    3Power (Kw)
    1,5 (2x)
    Frequency driven
    Other conveyors can be connected at the sides

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