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23rd March 2022
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Taper for binding/closing flowers
14th October 2021

KB14-80 conveyor belt elevator

The KB14-80 conveyor belt elevator is a strongly constructed and versatile machine with a long service life. This machine can swing automatically, is height adjustable and telescopic.

With its length of 14 m, the KB14-80 conveyor belt elevator has large capacity due to trough-shaped (V) belt run. It has a standard belt width of 80 cm, with a length of 14 m, overhang of 11 m and belt speed of your choice (standard 60 m/min). Height is electro-hydraulic regulated and it is electrically retractable and extendable. The swivel device is time adjustable. Round rubber hopper, collapse height approx. 1 meter.

Swing on rail or swing on main wheels, swivel adjustment with PLC and it has selector switch for central control. Automatic buckling for fall height limitation, coupling trestle for connecting feeder belt (TS) and belt drive with drum motor.

Electric dolly is under the machine (in combination with a raised chassis). Main wheel drive can be electric or hydraulic. Can swing on rail or swing on main wheels. Belt drive with 2-speed motor(s) or adjustable with frequency controller.


Brand: Agro-Technology

Model: KB14-80


  • Extended: 14 m
  • Retracted: 8,40 m
Belt width

80 cm
Overhang from wheels

11 m
Max. swivel range on rail retracted

11,3 m
Max. swivel range on rail extended

17,5 m
Max. swivel range on wheels

38 m
  • Swivel on wheels (hydraulic drive)
  • Variable belt speed
  • Low output height
  • Van Der Graaf drum motor (5,5 kW)
  • Hydraulic adjustable casters at input side
  • Chevron belt
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