Portada mesa Javo para orquídeas
Javo machine for orchids
5th April 2017
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27th March 2017

Bouquet line or Florafit automatic flower mix

Portada línea de procesado de flores FloraFit deBercomex


    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: Florafit


    Unique Advantages

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    • Bouquet production or mix different kinds of self-winding flowers cut
    • Faster processing: 6.000 to 12.000 stems per hour
    • Excellent and uniform quality of bouquets


    1Flexible and efficient flower processing
    Flower processing should not only be done well, but also quickly. The FloraFit flower processing line meets this requirement. With a faster processing of single flowers to bouquets or bouquets, the production capacity per employee increases. And because this flower processing line counts the stems and produces the bouquets, employees will have more time to sort by quality.
    2Quality and homogeneity of the bouquets
    The FloraFit flower processing line processes flowers through hanging transport. This allows an accurate counting and careful bouquet production. The bouquet production station ensures better quality and uniformity of the bouquets, both with respect to the flower and the stem.
    3Fast change
    Growers or processors who work with many different flowers and want to automate their processing, choose the FloraFit flower processing line. With the control of this system you can easily switch to another species. The bouquet production station is also easy to operate; it can quickly change from, for example, 5 to 10 stems per bouquet. And if you have other wishes, is good to know that the FloraFit can be easily attached to other processing units.
    4Flower processing automation
    The FloraFit flower processing line is designed for flower growers and processors who want to take the next step in automation so they can continue to meet changing market demands. Easier flower placement, less labor, better processing per stem, the correct number of stems per bouquet, and consistent bouquet quality, the FloraFit is all that and more. With the FloraFit you can also rely on a fast online support service, you can easily adjust the settings on the touch screen and get useful reports such as information on production and processed numbers.

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