Javo Super
24th March 2017
Pot sorter
24th March 2017

Javo Standard

    The Javo Standard potting machine is completely and fully optimized for almost all types of pots. Thanks to the unique drive technology used, the pots move smoothly and without jerks on the conveyor belt. In addition, the pot downtime is longer, something that provides peace of mind in the work process.

    The Javo Standard potting machine redefines the limits of next-generation potting thanks to the precise drive of the container conveyor belt. The wide lift has been equipped with stainless steel belts and pallets. This makes the machine very low maintenance.

    The Javo Standard potting machine has more than enough work space on the container transport belt. Control of the potter is at eye level and within easy reach from all working positions. Through two stainless steel ramps, the ground supply can be regulated in a very precise way, and it can also be fully adapted to your needs.


    Brand: Javo

    Model: Standard




    5,5 - 24 cm

    900 - 8.000 pots per hour

    3.692 x 3.692 x 1.895,7 mm (L x W x H)
    Hopper capacity

    1.000 litres approx.

    900 kg approx.
    Voltage - Power - Power supply

    • 400V 50Hz 3~ +N +PE / 220V 60Hz 3~ +PE
    • 4 kW approx.
    • 16A, five poles CEE plug
    • Widened elevating system: Constant soil supply
    • Mechanical control on the soil chute very refined adjustable
    • The substrate structure stays ventilated
    • Very precise control of the pot track
    • The new unique drive system guarantees smooth movement and precision
    • Control panel accessible from every work position
    • Stainless steel elevator blades

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