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20th May 2017
Transport belt Conveyor Max™
5th April 2017

Transport belt Power Conveyor™

    Transport belt Power Conveyor™
    Brand: Martin Stolze BV
    Model: Power Conveyor™

    In addition to the standard lengths, we also offer the Power Conveyor™ series: a conveyor belt that adapts to meet your specific needs while preserving the technique and features of the Easy Max™ series.

    The Power Conveyor™ series covers lengths from 1 to 12 meters and its width varies between 10 and 100 cm. The products in this series are manufactured completely to fit your needs. The power of the motor can vary between 0.18 Kw and 0.55 Kw, allowing to carry loads up to 100 kg on a band of 6 meters in length.