Transport belt Conveyor Max™
5th April 2017
Irrigation carts for greenhouses
5th April 2017

Transport belt Super Conveyor™


    Brand: Martin Stolze BV
    Model: Super Conveyor™

    In addition to the well-known Easy Max™ series, we have also developed the Super Conveyor™ and Conveyor Max™ series: the logical answer to the growing market demand for custom solutions.

    For special customised solutions

    For all your storage problems, lift and feeding belts, special width conveyors, uneven surfaces and other situations that require customised solutions, we have developed the Super Conveyor ™ series. This line is conformed by a series of standard parts and profiles that, combined, allow to produce a wide variety of customised conveyors.


    In order to streamline and facilitate its operations, Martin Stolze BV has developed different accessories for the Conveyor Max™ and Super Conveyor™ series. Among them we offer curvatures, remote controls, supports, final stops, etc.