Portada cuerda elástica para flores
Elastic bands for flowers
15th February 2017
Portada Cosechadora de crisantemos Bercomex S5
Chrysanthemum harvester
15th February 2017

Bercomex defoliator/de-leaving machines

The Bercomex defoliator/de-leaving machines, UnoFlor and DuoFlor are machines that are perfectly suited for processing many types of small to medium-sized flowers. Do you want to treat flower stems with great precision? By removing the leaves mechanically with the Bercomex UnoFlor or DuoFlor defoliators/defoliators, you will notice that the stems are constantly cleaned quickly. From light to medium heavy, single or double defoliation.

The UnoFlor can defoliate the flowers quickly and easily on one side of the machine. The DuoFlor works on both sides. Therefore, two employees can work on the machine at the same time. Both have brushes with four combs and have the CE quality seal and the European safety conditions.

We also have the older model Optiflor from Olimex, a two-axis defoliating/de-leaving machine, touch key operation with lower frame dimensions of 550 × 820 × 1,100 mm with a 230 V, 1 phase, zero + power supply. earth and 50 Hz and that, despite being an old model, more than fulfills the leaf removal function perfectly.



Brand: Bercomex

Models: UnoFlor/DuoFlor/OptiFlor

1Stem quality

The UnoFlor and DuoFlor are suitable for precise defoliation of light to medium-heavy florets. Do you process various types of flowers? So the most suitable is DuoFlor. This defoliator has two sides with two brushes. This will also allow you to set a different brush hardness on each side.

2Brush sets

Hard stems, hard brushes. Soft stems, soft brushes to defoliate. There are brushes for each type of stem. This will allow you to preserve the quality of your stems and choose what to work with. The DuoFlor is supplied with a set of hard and soft brushes as standard.

Ventajas Únicas

  • Suitable for bouquets of up to 20 stems
  • Consistently high stem quality
  • Suitable for various cut flowers
  • Disposable brush suitable for each type of stem
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