Portada Cosechadora de crisantemos Bercomex S5
Chrysanthemum harvester
15th February 2017
Portada cortadora bulbos Bercomex Torpedo
Bercomex Torpedo
15th February 2017

Bercomex Multifill bucket filler

The fully automatic Bercomex MultiFill bucket filler de-stacks, fills, and disposes all types of barrels you have. With exact and constant dosage of conditioner, your flowers perfectly retain their quality and without interruptions during the processing of your flowers.

You can place the pile of empty barrels on the feed belt and the Bercomex MultiFill bucket filler takes care of the rest. Thanks to the strong de-stacking yokes, with airflow support, the barrels can be effortlessly de-stacked automatically. Subsequently, they are filled with water and optionally conditioner is added through an integrated dosing pump. The filled barrels are carried off on a discharge belt one by one.

You can change between programs at the push of a button and the type of barrel can be changed easily with the simple touchscreen. This lets you focus on your flower process entirely and you will not have to worry about complicated settings. The Bercomex Multifill bucket filler can handle both round and square containers.

Filling containers is a laborious job, which is why Bercomex manufactures various types of automatic and semi-automatic fillers. These fillers make it easy to use different types of buckets and containers with different capacities to work on different types of work lines. Containers can be filled manually or automatically. The dosage of the amount of water can also be regulated as well as the option of dosage of preservatives and treatments for the water, adjusting an exact dosage and precise injection per container.



Brand: Bercomex

Model: Multifill

  • Applicable for all types of barrels
  • De-stacks and replenishes at high speed
  • Accurate dosing of water and conditioner
  • Change various types of barrels
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