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Bercomex Multifill
15th February 2017
Automatic bunching radish machine
15th February 2017

Bercomex Torpedo debulbing machine

The Bercomex Torpedo debulbing machine is developed to help remove the bulbs without damaging and without unnecessarily shortening the stem. The Bercomex Torpedo debulbing machine carefully removes flower bulbs, such as tulip bulbs, without damaging the stems or unduly reducing their length. By virtue of its ergonomic design, the machine is quiet, clean and easy to adjust. An intelligent correction system positions the bulbs so that debulbing can be carried out at great speed.

The guiding snare guides the stems under the pressing belt and so the flowers stay at their position. Then two crusher wheels crush the bulb and the root cap is cut off. Two screw jacks ensure that the bulb residues are removed without stem damage. The Bercomex Torpedo debulbing machine guarantees you fast, safe and efficient way of debulbing your flowers.

Bercomex offers a solution to make the debulbing mechanically. Besides that Bercomex guarantees a long lifespan and low maintenance costs. The machine is well protected against dirt. It will be delivered with a strong drive mechanism and a heavy drive-chain. Due to the adjustable angle of inclination of the roller belt the circulation speed can be set for every product.


Brand: Bercomex

Model: Torpedo

Unique Benefits
1Undamaged stems with maximum length
The debulbing machine can process bulbs grown in either soil or water culture. Thanks to the accuracy of the crushing wheel, the stems are ejected by the debulber in a clean condition, and maximum stem length is retained.
2Intelligent correction system
The integrated intelligent correction system eliminates the need for you to arrange the bulbs carefully yourself. The system correctly positions the flowers on the belt before they are debulbed at high speed. The machine can also be equipped with a module to remove side shoots if required.
3A safe and user-friendly debulbing machine
The compact debulber is an easy-to-use and low-maintenance machine. It is easy to adjust and withstands dirt and water very well. Because the machine is quiet in operation and all moving parts are well protected it fulfils the requirements for an ergonomic work environment.
  • Meticulous debulbing
  • Maintenance maximum stem length
  • Outstandingly fast
  • User-friendly
  • Clean and quiet during operation
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