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20th February 2017
Stem support clamps
20th February 2017

Stems cane clamps


    Stem cane clamps have been used for years to secure orchids to bamboo poles. They are also known as orchid clips, orchid clamps, and plant clips. Using a stem cane clamp is a quick and easy way to bend the stem into the desired shape. They are ideal for potted plants as they hold the stem and plant support firmly in place. With tweezers, your creativity is the only limit. Our stem clamps can be used with any potted plant to create the desired shape.

    We also have, apart from the stem cane clamps, support clamps, guide rings, a wide range of plastic products for the plant.

    Brand: Agro-Technology


    • Clamps hold the stem firmly to the rod
    • Available in different sizes
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Suitable for use with unruly stems and plants

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