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20th February 2017
Portada cinta transportadora Martin Stolze Easy Max
Martin Stolze Easy Max™ Transport Belt
20th February 2017

De-leafing machines

Process your flower stems with great precision. Our de-leafing machines are strong systems, known by their excellent results. De-leafing mechanically with the our de-leafing machines, you realize consistently clean stems fast. From light to medium heavy de-leaving, single- or double-sided de-leaving.

Our de-leafing machines are suitable for the accurate de-leafing of light to medium heavy bunches. Some of them have two de-leaving sides with two brushes. This also allows you to place a different hardness of brush on each side. We have a wide range of different burshes for our de-leafing machines. There is always a brush which ensure the best results for you flowers.

Hard stems, hard de-leafing brushes. Soft stems, soft de-leafing brushes. There are brushes for every type of stem. This lets you retain the quality of your stems and you can choose what to work with. Some of our de-leafing machines are supplied standard with a set of hard and soft brushes.

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Brand: Bercomex



  • Suitable for bunches of up to 20 stems
  • Consistently high stem quality
  • Suitable for various cut flowers
  • Suitable de-leaving brush for every type of stem

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