Portada Bercomex Rosematic
Bercomex Rosematic
15th February 2017
Portada deshojadoras/desfoliadoras Bercomex
Bercomex defoliator/de-leaving machines
15th February 2017

Elastic bands for flowers

This elastic band for flowers has a superior elasticity, ensures less breakage and more bindings per roll. The result is less stagnation and retention of the quality of your flowers.

The elastic band for flowers of Bercomex boasts 30 percent more elasticity. As a result, the risk of snapping is minimized for the bands, more bindings per roll, and fewer damaged stems. The nylon winding around the elastic band provides protection and stronger bands. To guarantee its quality, the elastic bands are constantly being tested.

The elastic band for flowers can be ordered per box of 10Kg/12 rolls or per pallet.



Brand: Bercomex

Model: Cuerda elástica

  • Reduced risk of breakage for elastic bands
  • More bindings per roll
  • Retention of stem quality
  • 1 or 3 cores for varying types of flowers
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