procesadora automática Furora Nova
Bercomex Furora Nova
3rd April 2020
Portada atadora de ramos Bercomex CRM
Second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine
22nd February 2018

Bercomex Flora Optima

Línea de producción completa Flora Optima de Bercomex

    With the Flora Optima complete production line from Bercomex you are guaranteed a smooth production and fast of its bouquets and bouquets. Bercomex's Flora Optima complete production line will make the composition of your mixed or mono-bouquets simple, fast and always obtaining a uniform bouquet with constant quality.

    Flora Optima complete production line is a flower processing line which, depending on the implementation, can cut flowers to size, defoliate and bind them. It can process up to 4000 bunches per hour. The line streamlines the process and increases efficiency.

    The modular design allows for the line to be installed exactly according to customer requirements. The axial defoliator module provides improved techniques. The leaf stripper moves back and forth along the stem ends, which makes for a better result.


    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: Flora Optima



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