Martin Stolze Packaging Line
6th April 2020
Línea de producción completa Flora Optima de Bercomex
Bercomex Flora Optima
3rd April 2020

Bercomex Furora Nova

procesadora automática Furora Nova

    Bercomex presents the new Furora Nova flowers processor, a novel system for a complete and automatic process of different types of flowers. In 2010, Bercomex launched the first Furora Compact, specifically for processing tulips; now, with the new Flora Nova flowers processor, the system has been successfully developed and is now capable to handle almost all sorts of cut flowers.

    With the Furora Nova flowers processor you can sorts and bunches various types of cut flowers fully automatically. Assessment, selection, sorting, and bunching on a single line. More results with fewer people.

    Advanced camera techniques to assess each flower on stem length, stem thickness, umbel size and colour. Because all flowers are automatically sorted and bunched, it is possible to harvest and handle all grades and qualities simultaneously. ¡This results in huge savings in time and labour in the whole business procedure!


    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: Furora Nova




    Per gripper, single flowers are transported from the singling unit until the bunching station. In this way, the vision module can measure length and quality for each flower each stem with great accuracy by applying advanced camera technology. The Furora Nova remembers the scanned value, de-leaves, cuts the flower to measure and brings it to the right bunching station. Subsequently, the bunches can be bound according to request by our CRM binder.


    The Furora Nova provides you with a streamlined process. Your employees only need to place the unsorted flowers on the feed belt. The machine takes care of the rest. The scan per flower ensures a constant quality of flowers. As a result, you are no longer dependent on the vision of your employees. This allows you to work faster, more accurately, that is, more efficiently.

    Unique Advantages

    • Uniform bunching by the vision module
    • Simultaneous multiple sorting
    • Faster process through a fully automatized system
    • From harvesting to automatic sleeving: the whole process is coordinated
    • Patented stepflow and vertical transport of flowers
    • Advanced camera techniques
    • Bercomex software to easily enter all grading criteria
    • Version completely to your specific wishes
    • Modular system that you can always adapt to your business changes

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