Portada pinzas de soporte para tallos
Stem support clamps
20th February 2017
Portada clips de tutoreo
Tutoring clips
20th February 2017

Grafting clips

Grafting clips have been specially developed to be able to graft different types of plants according to the Japanese grafting method, known as head grafting. They are made with excellent quality, perfectly transparent for the grafted part visibility and flexible, favoring the union of the graft.

Our grafting clips are made from silicone, a soft and flexible material with the correct translucency. This material ensures a simple graft and prevents damage to the plant during the process and its subsequent growth. It comes in two different materials: silicone and alternative silicones. The alternative material is somewhat less clear and a bit stiffer, but it is cheaper.



Brand: Agro-Technology

Model: Con/sin ranura

  • Transparency
  • Several interior diameters
  • Soft material:
    • Silicone
    • Alternative silicone
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