Portada líneas de atado para flores Havatec
Havatec binding lines for flowers
6th April 2022
portada linea de ramos Havatec Twister
Havatec Twister
6th April 2022

Havatec Bouquet Line


Brand: Havatec

Model: Bouquet Line


The Havatec Bouquet line offers solutions to process your flowers and transform them into bouquets, cutting, stripping and tying them into bouquets. With the this machine line you can work from right to left or vice versa, it has a capacity of up to 4500 panels per hour, length indication by laser and the option of LED indication for mixing buckets.

The Havatec Bouquet line consists of a panel belt, cutting and deleafer unit and various binder positions. The panel belt runs with an even transition to the bunch collection belt. Havatec Bouquet line can be constructed in various lengths with or without room for sleeving bouquets.

  • Working from right to left or vice versa
  • Even transition from panel belt to flat belt
  • Capacity of up to 4500 panels per hour
  • Length indication by laser, stop plate or stop conveyor
  • Several binders can be applied (customer-specific)
  • Possibility to choose between a saw and a double cutting knife
  • Option of LED indication for mix buckets

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