Portada cintas transportadoras Havatec
Havatec conveyor belts
13th April 2022
Portada sistemas de eliminación de residuos personalizados
Customized waste discharge systems
12th April 2022

Havatec Customized Harvesting Systems


Brand: Havatec

Model: Harvest System


Havatec customized harvesting systems are equipped with their own control system for optimal connection of the machines. Havatec supplies these flower delivery systems, which are fully customized for the customer. They contain conveyors, multi-machine switching systems and angle belts. In them, a control system developed internally in the harvesting system is installed, ensuring an optimal connection to all the sections of the same for an optimal development of all the harvesting functions.

  • Customized according to specific wishes
  • Optimum connection to machines
  • Suitable for proper and fast cleaning
  • Angle belts of 90 and 180 degrees with various width sizes

  • Customer-specific control systems by means of sensors, frequency controllers and operating methods

  • Frames made of stainless steel or coated steel

    • Blue PVC belt cloth, specifically developed for horticultural applications by Havatec

    • Couplings with third-party systems are integrated in the control unit

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