Portada máquina clasificadora y apiladora de flores Havatec Wave
Havatec Wave Sorting and Bunching Machine
12th April 2022
Portada máquina de ramos de jacinto QB Havatec
Havatec QB Bunching Machine for Hyacinth
12th April 2022

Havatec QBW Bunching Machine


Brand: Havatec

Model: QBW


The Havatec QBW bunching machine has been developed for bouquets making and it is suitable for long heavy flowers, but which is also suitable for tulips that are picked for example. The Havatec QBW bunching machine can be used for crops such as: gladiola, sunflower, brassica, allium, lily and many others.

Specific Processing Steps
1Flowers placing
Placing the flowers on the support belt: height by means of laser and colour lines
Cutting by means of double rotating knife
3Deleafer unit
For shoots in case of tulips or excess leaves in case of lilies
4Fixing belt
Fixing belt over the entire length of the cutting unit up to the bunching station
5Bunching station
A bunching station based on the Havatec Wave
6Panel belt
Panel belt for under the bunching station
A Havatec Wicl-B rotating binder
8Bunch collection belt
A bunch collection belt for collecting the bunched flowers
Basic Specifications
  • Capacity: minimum 4000 stems per hour at full load
  • Bunching capacity: 1 sorting bunched
  • Adjustable number of stems per bunch
  • Maximum amount of flowers to be processed in the supply: 160 cm
  • Maximum bunch length: 130 cm
  • Minimum bunch length: 35 cm
  • Maximum stem thickness to be processed: 30 mm
  • Maximum cutting length is 70 cm
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