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23rd May 2017

Jumbo Cone binding elastic

Elástico Jumbo Cone


    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: Jumbo Cone

    Opt for the Jumbo Cone for increased productivity of flower processing. This extra-large spool holds four times as much binding elastic as regular spools, resulting in less standstills of flower processing due to spool changes. Jumbo Cones are available in different colours.
    Approximately 3800 metres of binding elastic per spool
    Average 3400 gram of binding elastic per spool








    Unique Benefits
    • Increased productivity
    • Four times more elastic
    • Constant elastic tension
    1Larger spool
    This extra large spool of binding string holds four times as much binding elastic and answers the demands of flower growers and bouquet makers for a tool that will reduce the frequency of changing spools.
    2More continuity in flower processing process
    Binding is an essential element in the flower processing operation. The Jumbo Cone will bring more continuity to your flower processing. Using these spools means the frequency with which spools have to be changed is reduced, so processing is interrupted less often and production capacity is increased.
    3Constant tension of the elastic
    The Jumbo Cone provides a consistent tension throughout the day, from beginning to end. Thanks to the design of the spool holder, the binder tension needs only be set accurately once. The result: less stem damage caused by constriction due to excessive tension, and less risk of loose or completely unbound bouquets. This results in reliable binding of your bouquets.
    4Easy and fast replacement of binding elastic spools
    he Jumbo Cone can easily be fitted onto existing binding machines, with the tiltable Jumbo Cone holder replacing the existing spool holder. The tiltable holder can be tilted to facilitate Jumbo Cone spool changes within any flower processing set-up.
    5Jumbo Cone is suitable for all flower binders
    Jumbo Cone spools are suitable for the Bercomex CRM and Chrymo binding machine. The special tiltable spool holder can be placed easily on these binders.
    6Additional benefit: Bercomex binding elastic provides 30% more elasticity
    Reduced standstill of the flower processing operation is not the only benefit of using Jumbo Cones. Did you know that Bercomex binding elastic provides 30% more elasticity? This means that you can realise 30% more bindings with each roll of Bercomex binding elastic as compared to any other binding elastic.