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Second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine
22nd February 2018
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7th February 2018

Jumbo Cone binding elastic

Elástico Jumbo Cone
    Fewer changes, higher productivity

    Opt for our Jumbo Cone binding elastic to increase the flower processing productivity. This extra large spool is four times more elastic than normal spools, resulting in less downtime in flower processing due to the spool change.

    Continuity and simplicity

    Jumbo Cone binding elastic is a high quality regular grip elastic band, whose special nylon winding retains elasticity and prevents the band from breaking, so the more elasticity on the spool the fewer substitutions and you can continue production at higher capacity.

    Jumbo Cone binding elastic is easy to replace and adapts to all our binding machines, being very easy to connect to them. The tilt bracket ensures easy replacement in any configuration. Bercomex Jumbo Cone binding elastic is suitable for any model of tying machine, such as Bercomex's CRM and you can find it in different colors.

    Brand: Agro-Technology
    Model: Jumbo Cone



    Aprox. 3800 m of binding elastic per reel

    Average of 3400 g of binding elastic per reel










    Unique Benefits

    • Increased productivity
    • Four times mores binding elastic
    • Constant elastic tension


    1Biger spool
    This extra large spool is four times more elastic and responds the demands from growers and bouquet makers with a tool that will reduce the spool change frequency.
    2More continuity in the flower processing process
    Binding is an essential element in the flower processing operation. The Jumbo Cone will bring more continuity to the processing of your flower. Its use means that the frequency with which spools must be changed is reduced, so that processing is interrupted less frequently and production capacity increases.
    3Constant elastic tension
    Jumbo Cone provides constant tension throughout the day, from start to finish. Thanks to the spool pin design, the tension of the binding machine only needs to be adjusted once. The result: less stem damage caused by constriction due to excessive tension, and less risk of loose or completely untied bouquets, resulting in reliable binding of your flower bouquets.
    4Quick and easy replacement of elastic spools
    Jumbo Cone can be easily installed on existing binding machines, with the tilting Jumbo Cone bracket which replaces the existing spool pin. This bracket can be tilted to facilitate changing the Jumbo Cone spool within any flower processing configuration.
    5Jumbo Cone is suitable for all flower binding machines
    Jumbo Cone spools are suitable for Bercomex CRM and Chrymo binding machines. The special tilting spool spin can be easily attached to these.
    6Additional benefit: Bercomex binding elastic provides 30% more elasticity
    Reducing the flower processing operation stoppage is not the only benefit of using Jumbo Cone. Did you know that the Bercomex binding elastic provides 30% more elasticity? This means that you can make 30% more bundles with each Bercomex spool compared to any other.

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