Portada sembradora Koppert Profi
Koppert Profi sowing machine
20th April 2022
Portada Sembradora Neumatica Koppert Dombo
Koppert Dombo sowing machine
20th April 2022

Koppert 1-2-3 lines sowing machine

Brand: Koppert
Model: 1-2-3 Lines

The Koppert 1-2-3 lines sowing machine in stainless steel version has been specially developed for cultivation on seedbeds. The Koppert 1-2-3 lines sowing machine is driven by the tractor and its sowing shaft is driven by an electric motor; this in order to to prevent slipping.

All sowing elements are mounted on a fixed frame, so that all seeds are sown at the same depth. This is necessary for a uniform emergence of the crop. The Koppert 1-2-3 lines sowing machine can be set to the desired distance between the seeds on a display in the tractor cabin.

It has Start/Stop operation and surface indication. The running wheels can be executed in cage wheels or a closed stainless steel roller, depending on the soil type.

During sowing, the machine pulls a "furrow" into the ground, into which the seeds fall. These are then covered again by the rear roller. The seeding distance, row spacing and seeding depth are fully adjustable with this machine. The machine has the capacity to sow an area of 1000 m² in one hour.

  • The distance in the row is adjustable from 1 till 30 cm by simply exchanging a cog-wheel on the seeding axle
  • The minimum row distance between the rows is 6,5 cm
  • The machine is driven by a 4 hp fuel engine, which by means of a gear-box drives the sowing part on
  • The working width of the machine is approx. 30 cm (depending on the number of sowing units)
  • It is deliverable with 1, 2 or 3 sowing units
  • The sowing part can be uncoupled separately of the driving part by the electrical coupling clutch
  • During the operation the machine makes, by means of a special constructed sowing coulter, a gully into the ground in which the seeds will fall; these seeds will be covered by the covering wheel
  • The sowing distance, row distance and sowing depth are fully adjustable with this machine
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