Portada enmacetadora Mayer TM 1610F
Mayer TM 1610F Potting Machine
21st June 2022
Portada sembradora Koppert Profi
Koppert Profi sowing machine
20th April 2022

Koppert 3 point LBZ sowing machine


Brand: Koppert

Model: 3 Point LBZ


The Koppert 3 Point LBZ sowing machine is specially developed for sowing seed in the garden. The machine is drawn by a tractor, which also supplies power and drives the electronic sowing element. The sowing part can be switched on and off separately via a display in the tractor cab, as well as the setting for the sowing distances. The parallelogram can be adjusted over the entire machine width. The depth can also be adjusted finely or roughly. A special construction of the parallelogram is chosen so that an optimal depth of seeds is achieved in case of unevenness in the surface to be seeded.

Various settings can be made on an LCD screen using a menu-controlled computer programme in the tractor cab, e.g., the number of seeds per hectare or square metre, separate setting is possible for each element (outermost rows of more or less seed) and also simultaneously stopping multiple elements, self-adjusting synchronisation of all elements, prompting seed distances, hectares, square metres and driving speed. The row widths and seed depth are entirely adjustable with this machine. The Koppert 3 Point LBZ sowing machine has the capacity to sow a surface of 1000 m2 in one hour's time.

  • Drive system by tractor
  • Several models
  • Working width: 105 through 160 cm
  • Electric drive by means of battery
  • Min. row width 5,5 cm
  • 1000 m2 per hour
  • Very easy to use
  • Seed distance 1 mm through 15 cm
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