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15th February 2018
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23rd May 2017

Koppert complete packing line


Brand: Koppert

Model: Línea completa


The Koppert complete packing line is made of stainless steel for the most part and provided with the latest type of controls and electronics. A very long-lasting and foodstuff-safe machine results due to this, which requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean. 2 denesters, one for glasses (shakers) and one for bins, and 2 denesters for covers of other variants is also possible by consultation in the new machine. If small batches of another packaging need to be executed, this is also possible, but this needs to be input manually. In principle, it is possible to run all variants of packaging with this machine up to a maximum measure from 21 cm to 18 cm. The capacity of ~90 packages per minute is excellent in view of the many options which the machine offers for the various packaging forms.

At the end of the packing line, there is a conveyor belt for exporting the packaged products. If packaging is done in cups (shakers) it is also possible to let these be exported via the conveyor by clicking in a side guide at both sides. This system ensures perfect output of the cups and plates to a packing line.

Automatic input, filling and transport of various plates, boxes and containers... This addition to the Koppert complete packing line takes a good deal of the work out of your hands, automatic denesting and setting up of the packing on a transport belt, after which the product can be filled up to the correct weight with an automatic Linear or Multihead weigher. The containers are conveyed and fixed under the filling position using sensors and stoppers. Manual filling is thus always possible. After filling, the packaging is transported to a flowpacker or automatically provided by a cover and sticker or label.

Existing and new technologies concerning vision, optical sorting, Pick and Place with robots and new control techniques are modified in it, resulting some applications like automated vine tomatoes weighing and packing line, optical sorting in radish bunching machine, fully automated lamb's lettuce crop and pepper Pick and Place.

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