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21st March 2017
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Logitec Plus Big-Bale doser bunker
21st March 2017

Limex TECO

    Limex TECO

    Brand: Limex

    Model: Teco


    More and more companies are recognising that clean re-usable packaging and storage material is essential and is not simply a case of appearances. However, an industrial washing line is not always a viable option. In order to offer an effective solution, we have applied proven technology and experience to develop a basic machine guaranteeing good results. A machine which we are proud to call a Limex.

    With the introduction of a nicely priced and good quality tray washing machine, TECO has met the growing market demand for such a solution. We have several models from the standard machines to the custom manufacturing.

    ¿How does it work?

    The machine is prepared to wash plastic trays such as those used in agriculture and is made of stainless steel (AISI 304). Trays enter with the tray width, with a capacity of 500 trays/hour; The wash time is +/-40 seconds and the speed is adjustable.

    In the basic version of the TECO, crates are fed into the washing tunnel by hand and pushed through the tunnel. They are first rinsed in a continuous water cycle, with a final rinse in clean water. A number of options can be added now or later in order to gear the system perfectly to the user’s individual needs. The machine capacity is around 250 crates per hour.

    Technical details
    3080 x 900 x 1500 mm
    325 kg
    1 in tunnel
    1 drawer filter
    Easy to handle by openings for forklift truck or hand pallet truck
    Stainless steel AISI 304
    Material valves
    Material control cabinet
    Lacquered steel
    Upper guidings
    Automatic swing system
    Side guidings
    Adjustable on fixed distances
    1 in tank
    1 in tank
    Emergency stop
    2x emergency stop
    Washing sections
    • main wash with recycled water
    • After rinse with lost water
    Water supply
    • Floating valve
    • For both filling tank main wash and after rinse
    appr. 3 kW
    Content water tank
    appr. 300 l.
    Water consumption after rinse
    appr. 250 l/hour
    Water pressure at nozzles
    appr. 3 bar
    • Electrical heating: 2x resistance 8,5 kW (max water temperature 50ºC, not adjustable)

    • Drive system: drum motor with fixed speed (0,02 kW) or frequency control (0,37 kW)

    • V-belt