Portada Logitec Coco Mill CM200
Logitec Coco Mill CM200
13th February 2017
Portada dosificador Big-Bale Logitec Plus
Logitec Plus Big-Bale doser bunker
13th February 2017
Portada dosificador Big-Bale Logitec Plus
Logitec Plus Big-Bale doser bunker
13th February 2017
Portada Logitec Coco Mill CM200
Logitec Coco Mill CM200
13th February 2017

Logitec ML15 substrate mixer

Introducing our new Logitec ML15 substrate mixer, comprised of a proprietary modular system for substrate mixing. The basic version has 1 to 3 main hoppers to deposit the basic raw materials, such as black peat, blond peat, sphagnum, coconut fiber or perlite/vermiculite. It is prepared for up to 6 vibration dosing units for additives and fertilizers such as Osmocote, PG mix or others. The user can enter their own calibration recipes and/or mixtures.

As in many sectors market gardening too is subject to significant changes. Increasing pressure on quality, competition, far-reaching environmental restrictions and higher operating costs are forcing the market gardener to work efficiently and environment-minded and convert to a large degree of mechanisation. Striving after a high quality and production per m2 is staat often in contravention of the imposed restrictions in the use of fertilisers and pesticides. In addition, the diversity in base materials for substrates is increasing and often the delivery thereof involves great distances.

In continuation of the Big-bale press and the Big-bale dosing bunker the Big-bale programme is now being complemented with the Logitec ML15 substrate mixer. The Big-bale press and dosing bunker have already proved their added value and the mini-mix line will only further enhance that. A new development that offers unprecedented opportunities for both the market gardener and the supplier of base materials and substrates.



The other machines have already proven their added value, and this will be reinforced by the Logitec ML15 substrate mixer. This is a new development that offers unlimited possibilities for both the producer, as well as the supplier of raw materials and substrate.

The Logitec ML15 substrate mixer enables the manufacturer to meet the highest quality requirements of his customers globally and on more competitive terms. In addition, the ML15 offers the market gardener significant savings in the purchase, production, delivery, storage and processing of his desired substrate. Furthermore, the quality of the delivered substrate is retained over a long period and any desired addition can be realised just-in-time.


Brand: Logitec

Model: ML15

  • Modular composition at your choice and expandable if necessary

  • The components are easy to transport separately

  • You can create your own recipes with fertilizers at your choice

  • The machine is very easy to calibrate

  • The recipes can be saved in the controls

  • It works together with almost all other brands and the type of encapsulation of their machines

    Products that the ML15 can process
    • Sphagnum moss
    • Peat moss fertiliser
    • Compost
    • Perlite
    • Osmocote
    • Artificial Fertilisers
    • Limo
    • Organic fertilisers
    Technical Specifications

    • 400 volt / 3 phases + 0 / 50Hz
    • Other voltages on request

    Up to 15m³ per hour

    10m x 1,5 m x 1,5 m (L x W x H)
    Basic Version

    • 1,2 m3 fuel supply with conveyor belt and support to frame
    • Collection on the base belt frame 380 x 3500 mm
    • 2 units of measure that vibrates with the frame support
    • Control box
    • Basic frame with drum mixture
    • 600 x 3000 mm conveyor belt with support frame
    Optionally available

    • Bunker for additional input
    • Largest input bunker
    • Vibrating plate to avoid transition problems
    • 2 units of additional measurement for fertilisers vibration
    • Water supply system
    • Extended output conveyor belt
    How does the ML15 work?

    The ML15 is a compact and mobile installation, which allows the market gardener to adapt a basic substrate or base material to the desired composition, whether or not in the greenhousenaar. The Big-bale dosing bunker feeds the installation, whereupon perlite or vermiculite, calcium, two fertilisers and a pesticide can be added. The whole dosing process is driven and controlled by a computer. Then the various additives are mixed with the basic substrate in a continuous process in the specially designed horizontally positioned mixing drum. After the mixing, water can still be added and the finished product is dosed directly into the pot-filling machine.

    For whom is the ML15 intended?

    For market gardeners who have to deliver their substrates over great distances and/or have many different cultures, which each require their own substrate, the ML15 is the solution. By buying one type of high-quality base material or substrate with a basic fertiliser you can use the ML15 to adapt the base material or substrate to any standard, climate or culture method you want. The advantage of doing so is that you can buy in great volumes and adapt them into small batches. This prevents lengthy storage and slow turnaround times of many types of substrates. The (near) absence of fertilisers prevents loss of structure through decomposition during storage. Often these fertilisers are active directly and/or over a certain period, as a result of which it is no longer possible to control the quality of the substrate during processing.

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