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21st March 2017
Logitec ML15
21st March 2017

Logitec Plus Big-Bale DB40

    Brand: Logitec
    Model: Big Bale/Tolva DB40

    The Big-Bale Dosage Bunker DB40 is specially used for the automatic processing of the Big-bale. The product is brought back into the original structure and volume. The DB40 has proven in practice to be multifunctional, and only requires a small investment that will give quick returns.

    • Mobile, and high-quality construction with limited maintenance

    • High operational reliability with simple and safe controls

    • Suitability

    • High capacity and good connection to the potting soil machine

    • Maximum output volume and retention of structure (R.H.P)

    • Compact working position dimensions (l x w x h) 2.99 x 1.66 x 2.42 m (2.99 m height with extension plates)

    • Small weight from 1.080 to 1.280 kg

    • Voltage 400V/50-60Hz/3-phase

    The Big-bale Dosage Bunker DB40 can be equipped with the following options
    • Adjustable wooler for optimal output volume
    • An automatic single or double water dose-measuring system
    • Extra extension plates for processing Big-bales up to 2.60 m high
    • 2 Large wheels (468 x 135 mm) for unpaved grounds
    • 2 Swivelling wheels (160 x 70 mm) for paved grounds
    • Frequency controller on the chain motor for higher capacity
    • Safety fence and doors at the back of the bunker
    • Vertically adjustable plate for the processing of half Big-bales
    • CSA/UL version (for North American Market)
    • Electrical equipment suitable for 220V/50-60 Hz/1- or 3-phase