Portada dispensador de cinta adhesiva para flores
Taper for binding/closing flowers
14th October 2021
Portada clip de injerto special para tallos
Grafting clip special
30th May 2020

Martin Stolze labelling machine


Brand: M. Stolze

Model: Labelling Machine


The Martin Stolze labelling machine sticks self-adhesive labels quickly and automatically. A labelling machine is standardly supplied on a mobile frame, which you can easily connect to an existing conveyor belt. The frame is height-adjustable, so you can decide where you want to paste the sticker. The Martin Stolze labelling machine can even be adjusted to the desired angle of inclination, for example when labelling a pot. Both the speed and the transit length can easily be set by the rotary knobs. Your labels are therefore always stuck straight and in the desired location.

The Martin Stolze labelling machine work very simple. A label dispenser automatically places a new label. The great advantage of this machine is that you need less hands to label your products, so for example the pot can be cleaned immediately or overhanging leaves can be removed at the same time as the labelling.


  • Fast and automatic sticking of self-adhesive labels
  • Easy to install on an existing conveyor belt
  • Height adjustable frame
  • Adjustable to desired tilt angle
  • Easily configurable transit speed and length
  • Labels always sticked on a straight line and in the desired location
  • Fewer hands to label your products

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