Portada cosechadora de rábanos de ocasión
Radish harvester (Occasion)
23rd February 2017
Portadaenmacetadora Javo Super de ocasión
Javo Super (Occasion)
22nd February 2017

The Martin Stolze potting machine 3030 potting machine varies in length, center-to-center pot size, and number of pot holders. The machine rotates single, double or in turn and is suitable for pots from 6 cm to 30 cm. Its capacity is up to 7,800 pots per hour (double rotation).

The Martin Stolze potting machine 3030 potting machine is very easy to operate. It is connected to a touch screen, which includes the number of pots rotated, the speed of rotation, and displays malfunctions. In case of this malfunction, the machine will stop automatically, display the part where it occurs, and the steps to solve it will be displayed on the screen, making it much easier to solve any problem.

For your convenience, this machine is also equipped with frequency controlled motors for precise control of soil supply and machine speed. Depending on how you deposit soil into the machine, different soil containers can be installed on it. This machine is compatible with robotic transplanters.


Brand: M. Stolze

Model: 3030

  • Double pot housing system
  • Easy to control via a touch screen
  • Display of number of pots rotated and speed of rotation
  • Shows any malfunctions and how to solve them
  • Compatible with robotic transplanters

Pots from 6 to 30 cm

  • Simple
  • Double
  • By turn

Up to 7800 pots/h
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