Portada enmacetadora Mayer TM 1810
Mayer TM 1810 Potting Machine
22nd June 2022
Portada enmacetadora Mayer TM 1610F
Mayer TM 1610F Potting Machine
21st June 2022

Mayer TM 2105 Potting Machine


Brand: Mayer

Model: TM 2105


A complete basic equipment is offered in the Mayer TM 2105 potting machine: You get a mechanical single-row pot magazine included. The basis of the machine is ideal for the extension to the box / plate filler. Round and square pots are variable in size and infinitely adjustable.

Even with high production capacity, this machine offers a jolt-free slewing ring movement. The flow direction of the pots over the conveyor belt can be done either to the right or left. The machine complies with current safety standards in accordance with EC directives.

  • Pots size of Ø 8-20 cm

  • Up to 2.500 pots/h

  • Weight 560 kg

  • Soil hopper capacity 600 litres

  • Option extended hopper up to 1.500 L

  • Transport dimensions 2,35 x 1,50 x 2,00 m

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