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Analogue flower processing machine
28th July 2023
Portada Llenadora de bandejas Mayer Special
Mayer Special Tray Filler
22nd June 2022

New clips for tomato and cucumber crops

Introducing our new 21 mm and 14 mm tomato and cucumber clips. To improve crop sustainability and avoid high waste processing costs, our 21 mm clips are made of biodegradable material or 100% recycled polypropylene. Specially designed for tomato crops, the new 21 mm clips have a lightweight and intelligent design, requiring less material for their construction, resulting in a lower cost and more environmentally friendly product. Two other features are that they produce an audible click and have rounded edges, which reduces the risk of disease.

The new 14 mm clips, on the other hand, have been designed for cucumber crops and are also made of biodegradable material. They have been produced using 63% less material than comparable 15 mm clips, which makes them extra light. In turn, this means that more clips fit into a box and therefore onto a pallet, making them very cost-effective and saving on transport costs.


Brand: Agro-Technology

Model: 21-14 mm

Clip 21 mm


  • Especially for tomato crops
  • Made of biodegradable material (brown) or 100% recycled polypropylene (black)
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly option
  • Lightweight and intelligent design
  • Less material = cheaper product
  • Rounded edges, reducing the risk of disease
Clip 14 mm


  • Especially for cucumber crops
  • Made of biodegradable material (brown) or plastic (transparent)
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly option
  • Made with 63% less material
  • Extra-lightweight design
  • More clips fit in a box and on a pallet, saving transport costs.
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