Portada sembradora Koppert Profi
Koppert sowing machines (Occasion)
23rd February 2017
Enmacetadora potting machine 3030
Martin Stolze potting machine 3030
22nd February 2017

Radish harvester (Occasion)

Portada cosechadora de rábanos para exterior

    This 14 row radish harvester (occasion), is used for radishes in greenhouse. Weather conditions in open terrain are unstable and sometimes very extreme. We have developed a combine capable of harvesting radishes in all conditions. All wheels are independently and hydraulically controlled, so the extra-large profiled belts have optimal traction continuously on the ground that is sometimes difficult to access. The combine is very stable, compact and maneuverable. Specially developed for cultivation on terraces.

    This radish harvester (occasion) has the option of pulling a cart, which carries a container along it and can be fully tilted hydraulically so that the container is placed on the ground, in order to transport the harvested radish . The used radish harvester machine harvests the radish using belts that hold the radish from the foliage and remove it from the ground so that it can be transported to the cutting device. The foliage is cut very short and separated from the radish in this cutting device. Afterwards, the radish is harvested using conveyor belts, in which there is the option of removing the foliage from the radish (depending on the version selected). This machine has a harvesting capacity of 1000 m 2 per hour.

    You can see the operation of all used machines in the Netherlands. The price of the machine includes: cleaning, reconditioning, technical control, replacement of worn parts. This offer is valid as long as the material is available. Feel free to contact us to request more information.

    Radish harvester (Occasion)

    Brand: Koppert



    • Self-driven
    • Hydraulic drive
    • Kubota diesel motor
    • Row distance is 11 cm for 14 rows and 12 cm for 12 rows
    • Short leaves cut system
    • SS harvest and conveyor belts
    • Centra exit conveyor belt for radish containers up to 350 kg
    • Valid offer as long as the equipment provided are available
    • All equipment or machinery can be see in The Netherlands

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