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27th April 2020
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Bercomex Furora Nova
3rd April 2020

Schouten potatoes sorter

With the Schouten potatoes shock sorter you achieve the most accurate sorting result by use of shock sorting. The unique shock sorting technique ensures product-friendly and careful sorting for every type of potato.

The shock sorting technique of the Schouten potatoes shock sorter ensures a product-friendly and careful sorting of every type of potato. The sizing is very accurate and the risk of damage to the potatoes is minimized. And all this happens with a high capacity.

Flexibility is an important strength of our Schouten potatoes shock sorter. Directly into the boxes? Or in bags? Weigh the potato right away? Everything is possible. It is very easy to switch between the programs. You can immediately put the potatoes in crates, in bags, or directly to the weighing platform.

The Schouten potatoes shock sorter is characterized by optimum ease of operation. All processes are controlled from the touchscreen with the Schouten control platform. The great advantage is also that all information and all orders are centralized on one screen. This means that your employees have an eye on everything and can manage everything from their workplace.

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Brand: Schouten

Model: Shock Sorter




In the sorting machine, the potatoes tumble forward diagonally with every shake. At the correct sorting holes, the potatoes fall through the sieve. The potatoes are not damaged due to the rubber casings in the sieves. The result is highly accurate and product-friendly size sorting.

2Extra Stock

Never standing still while sorting. The Bunker sorting machine is on top of the bunker. The bunker buffers the potatoes and the crates can be filled. The crates can be exchanged this way, allowing the sorting process to continue..

3Compact and Capacity

For the most compact sorting machine, choose the Crate sorting machine. On the other hand, do you want to achieve more capacity? Then the Trapsorter is a good match. The step-by-step sorting technique sifts the right-sized potatoes, with the rest of the potatoes going to the next sieve via a belt under the sieve deck. Because the potatoes do not travel across all sieves, the sorting is done faster.

4Perfect Coordination

Simplicity describes this machine. You can effortlessly tune the machine according to your potato variety. The shock depth can be adjusted by use of the handwheel on the side of the machine. Less shock depth ensures higher capacity. The shock direction is easily adjustable with a lever. This way you have optimum coordination for your product.

Unique Advantages

  • Sort accurately by size
  • Sorting with stock
  • Continuous sorting process
  • Optimum ease of operation
  • All processes are controlled from the touchscreen
  • Flexibility and ease to switch between different types of storage elements
  • Accurate, product-friendly and a high capacity

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