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Second-hand deleafing machine
31st July 2023

Second-hand automatic processing line

With our second-hand automatic processing line you can accelerate and facilitate the processing of loose flowers into uniform bunches or bouquets. This second-hand automatic processing line is composed of various components required for the processing of your flowers, such as a saw or cutter unit, defoliator, binding machines, collection belt and optionally a waste disposal belt. 

The second-hand automatic processing line has a treadmill that runs at a regular pace, you can efficiently and precisely bunches your flowers into an attractive end product for the market. Its qualities include two Bercomex CRM binding machines, automatic control PCL, one cutting and one de-leafing unit, direction from left to right, a belt width of 80 cm and a machine length of 13,5 m.



Brand: Agro-Technology

Model: Automatic

Belt width

Length inlaypart

Length sleeving part

Length machine

Binding places

Running direction




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