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Bercomex Flora Optima
3rd April 2020
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15th February 2018

Second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine

    With this second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine, no matter what type of flower you need to tie, it will not be a problem for this machine. A large bouquet of roses can be tied as easy as a small bouquet of tulips and always at high speed, so you can tie more flowers in less time.

    The second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine model is capable of tying any type of flower or bouquet at high speed without any effort. Your time and productive capacity will be considerably increased. It has different types of tying thanks to the adjustable elastic tension, thus being able to use it for different types of flower or bouquet.

    Every year 2.5 million bouquets are tied using the CRM and Bercomex elastic. Time and time again, this binding machine has proven to be reliable, robust and easy to maintain. Its risk of failure is low and processing can continue without interruption.

    The second-hand Bercomex CRM binding machine can be operated by itself or integrated into a flower processing line. It can be supplied in a left or right configuration and has automatic protection against elastic breakage. The combination with the Bercomex elastic offers the best final result.

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    Brand: Bercomex

    Model: CRM




    60 binds x minute

    320 x 500 x 660 mm

    35 Kg

    • 12 Months
    • 750.000 binds

    Adjustable options under construction

    • Frequency controller
    • It is made to make binds to the right or left
    • Adaptable for manual use or integration into production lines for bouquets


    • Automatic protection against elastic breakage

    • Power connection: 220 Volts (1 phase + neutral) 50 - 60 Hz

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