Portada procesadora de flores automatica
Second-hand automatic processing line
31st July 2023
Portada enmacetadora Javo Plus Ocasion
Second-hand Javo Plus potting machine
29th July 2023

Second-hand deleafing machine


Brand: Agro-Technology

Model: Double


Our second-hand deleafing machine is a device that assists cut flowers (such as roses and alstroemerias) to defoliate and get rid of thorns using brushes. By playing with the density of the brushes you can opt for a smooth result where almost all irregularities are removed or a rougher result where a larger part of the leaves is preserved. The stronger the stem, the harder the brush you should choose. Our second-hand deleafing machine offer a very good defoliation result while maintaining the quality of the stem.

The machine requires little maintenance. Changing the brushes is easy and apart from the brushes there are no other components that are sensitive to wear and tear. This makes our second-hand deleafing machine a durable tool that saves you a lot of time in the production process.

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