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8th April 2020
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3rd April 2020

Martin Stolze Packaging Line

    The Martin Stolze packaging line is efficient and ergonomic and is specially designed for various activities such as supplying bulk containers, repackaging, weighing and draining both small packages and bulk packages under vacuum. We offer different possible options: work tables on one side or both sides, all in "line" or adapted to the space and method of work.

    The Martin Stolze packaging line is fully customizable to your liking and size. Martin Stolze products are combinable, we can provide them as needed such as work tables, scales, lighting ... With these systems we will move the product but not your employees, saving you a lot of time !!

    Is the Martin Stolze packaging line a major expense for your company?

    By automating your internal transportation you need fewer staff and can also work faster and more efficiently, therefore the Martin Stolze packaging line can help you save a lot of costs.


    Brand: Martin Stolze


    Combinable Products


    The Turntable is the ideal tool for simply buffering products and processing them manually. We produce different kinds of Turntables. The tables are variable in speed and equipped with a Foodgrade PE or stainless steel turntable in different diameters. Of course, the turntables can be integrated into systems or packing lines.

    2Work Table

    Work table come in many variations and with several options available. They are custom made and can therefore be in tune with all methods. In addition, if necessary, the tables are provided with gaps, for example for a scale or a soil drain. They can also be equipped with a fluorescent or LED light

    3Packers and Weighing Scales

    To install products such as sealing machines, flow pack installations, or weighing equipment, Martin Stolze works together with reputable suppliers. This makes it possible to integrate the facilities into an efficient packaging line.

    4Roller Conveyors

    Roller conveyors can be used in certain cases for buffering and smooth product deployment. We produce maintenance free roller conveyors completely according to your wishes, making a fast delivery. We have them in different widths of 62.5 mm, 83.3 mm, 100 mm or 125 mm.

    5Conveyor Belts

    Our conveyor belts are used to transport your products internally. Tapes are the most widely used medium in packaging lines for flowers, plants and fruits. For specific applications we produce customized systems for internal transport. We have different types of conveyor belts, such as the Easy Max , a modular conveyor belt system. For permanent configurations we have the Power Conveyor for heavy products and the Max conveyor for long distances. Our offer is extensive and varied.

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